At Eastington we offer a broad curriculum. This has been mapped out carefully to ensure the full national curriculum is taught. Each subject has a specific skill progression to support pupil progress over the primary years. Where ever possible we make meaningful links between subjects to help children immerse themselves in their learning and so fully engage.

Follow the link to read about the curriculum at Eastington Primary School: Eastington Curriculum

Key Stage 1/EYFS Topic Overview – Below is the three year rolling programme used in KS1 and EYFS.  This year (2021 – 22) we are in Year B.

Topic overviews for KS1 

Topic overviews for KS1 (updated for use from September 2022)

Key Stage 2 Topic Overview – Below is the four year rolling programme for KS2.  This year (2021-  22) is Year B.

Topic overviews for KS2

Topic overviews for KS2 (updated for use from September 2022)

Please find information about of each of our curriculum subjects below:

Subject Curriculum vision
This is explained through the intent, implementation and impact of the subject.

Skills Progression

Maths Maths Intent Implementation Impact Mathematics National Curriculum

Addition and subtraction calculation progression   
Multiplication and division calculation progression

Year one objectives by term

Year two objectives by term

Year three objectives by term

Year four objectives by term

Year five objectives by term

Year six objectives by term

English Phonics at Eastington Overview



English Intent Implementation Impact

Reception phonics progression
Year 1 phonics progressionYear 2 phonics & spelling progressionKS2 Spelling progressionHandwriting PolicyWriting progressionReading progression


Science  Science Intent Implemntation Impact Science skill progression KS1
Science skills progression KS2
Geography Geography Intent Implementation Impact Geography skills progression KS1
Geography skills progression KS2
History  History Intent Implementation Impact History skills progression KS1
History skills progression KS2
Art Art Intent Implementation Impact Art skills progression Key Stage 1
Art skills progression Key Stage 2
Design and Technology DT Intent implementation impact DT skills progression KS1
DT skills progression KS2
Music Music Intent Implementation Impact Music skills progression KS1
Music skills progression KS1 updated for use Jan 22
Music skills progression KS2
Music skills progression KS2 updated for use from Jan 22
Religious Education R.E Intent Implementation Impact R.E units of work rolling programme overview
R.E skills progression EYFS and KS1
R.E skills progression KS2 Years A and B
R.E skills progression KS2 Years C and D
Modern Foreign Languages (French) MFL Intent Implementation Impact MFL skills progression KS2
PSHE Intent Implement Impact

Relationships_and_Sex_Education Policy

PSHE skills progression KS1
PSHE skills progression KS2
PE  PE Intent Implementation Impact PE skills progression KS1
PE skills progression KS2
Computing  Computing Intent Implementation Impact Computing skills progression KS 2
Computing skills progression KS1