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The year ahead is uncertain in relation to how the children will return to school and how we will be able to operate on site over the year. With that in mind we have outlined plans for possible scenarios which may come into play over the year to enable us to respond positively – we are a school and our primary function is to support children with their learning and well-being whatever happens.

While being in the lockdown over Summer Term 2020/Spring Term 2021, children will have experienced a significant change. This may include a loss of routine, structure, friendship, opportunity and freedom. This in turn may have impacted on their relationships, well-being, and learning.  Children will have experienced these to different levels in different ways dependent on their needs and their experience during being away from school.

As a school team we will respond by supporting children on their return in a range of ways to help well-being and learning. Our school values underpin the way we work and our choices: ‘Aiming high to be: ambitious, kind, cooperative, responsible, and resilient’.  We expect many children will recover quickly through being at school and enjoying the provision provided to all. We anticipate some children to needed a longer time to recover, settle into routine and overcome anxieties. We will work with parents to support all our children.

Our Aims

On return to school, our curriculum will build on what we do well:

  • Be broad to support every child enjoying their learning, developing positive well-being
  • Be ambitious to support pupils to cover/catch-up gaps in core areas of reading, writing & maths, not widening gaps in these key areas
  • Reflect the needs of learners – teachers respond flexibly to the needs of children in their class
  • Support the child in relation to offering early help, working with parents and other agencies if/when needed
  • Return to full curriculum by the start of Summer Term 2021

To find out more about how we plan to work on our return to school, please see the ‘Recovery Planning & Contingency Planning’ Document below. This is a working document and we will alter it as guidance changes/more information is available. We will reflect on contingency plans when used and alter provision to support children as best we can within our capacity.

Outbreak Management Plan Oct 2021

Recovery Curriculum Contingency Planning Sept 2021