We are delighted you are interested in joining Eastington Primary School– a happy, caring learning community. At Eastington, we aim for our children to reach their full potential: academically, socially, physically and emotionally to enable them to confidently make their next steps and embed a life-long love of learning. We strive for our children to become active citizens of society who contribute positively whether locally or globally.

We consider the primary years the most significant in your child’s development. We believe the strength of our school is the partnership with parents and the wider community. We feel that it is very important for home and school to work together closely and for trust and confidence to exist between parent and teacher. If you are successful in securing a place for your child with us, please join in the many activities to which you will be invited as well as encouraging your child at home.



If you are considering your child joining us, please come along for a tour and find out more. Prospective new reception parents can enjoy an informative tour from our wonderful Year 6 children, see our site and meet the headteacher and/or Governors.

We will hold open sessions in October.

Please book an appointment by calling our friendly Admin Officer, Mrs Birch, on 01453 822922 or e-mail us on admin@eastington.gloucs.sch.uk . We look forward to welcoming you to school.



Transitioning to school is important. All children who will join us in Reception are offered sessions on site to support your child becoming familiar with key staff and our site. We share key information in Summer Term with parents so you are well informed of what to do on day 1 and have an overview of what Reception looks like in our school. Reading is highly valued by us and we hold another parent information evening in October to share our approach to reading and word skills. If you are interested in finding out more about how children transition into our school and onto secondary, please read ‘Transition at Eastington’ – see link:  Transition at Eastington

Starting school is an exciting adventure but can also be daunting. For helpful, practical advise on common questions and ways to support your child, please see the information links below:

  • https://www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/media/2092781/gcc_2655-school-readiness-leaflet-families_web.pdf
  • Mind You website: https://sites.southglos.gov.uk/mind-you/homepage/parents-and-carers/starting-school/
  • Reading Guide by Pearson

To find out more useful information about our school, please read the school prospectus   – see link: Prospectus 2023/24

Further information about starting at our school for reception children can be found in these documents:

Starting School Booklet

Home-School agreement


To view the Admission Policy for our school  please click here <https://www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/education-and-learning/school-admissions-scheme-criteria-and-protocol/

Please then click on the link to the Determined Admission Criteria and Scheme for the required year, and our Admission Policy is shown under GCC Admission Arrangements.

Parents must apply to the Local Authority using the online or paper  application form from the county council’s Co-ordinated Admissions. The Local Authority’s protocol includes arrangements for appeals.  https://www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/education-and-learning/school-admissions/admission-to-reception-at-primary-schoolyear-3-junior-school-lower-to-middle-school-places-for-september-2024/



If you are interested in joining our school midyear then please call the school office to see if we have places in the first instance. If we have a place you will be welcome to view the school if we have places.


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