Teacher: Mrs Rome and Miss Pates
Teaching Assistant: Miss Bingle,  Mr Dougan


Curriculum information

Class 4 2023-24

Terms 3 and 4

Term three will continue with a history focus on The Romans, term 4 focus will start a geography focus on key skills linking to maps and continent/country knowledge.


English Class text: Dragonology

Text genres: non chronological reports, poetry, suspense stry-Alien Landing

We will be placing particular emphasis on sentence construction, spelling and grammar as well as handwriting.  We will also be having a focus on fictional writing.

Maths   Multiplication and division




In addition, we will continue our work on our daily mental maths sessions.


Animals Including Humans

We will be investigating two areas within this:

Teeth, Digestion and Food Chains

Describe the changes as humans develop in to old age




Communication: Text, images and multimedia

Collaborate with peers using online tools, e.g. blogs, Google Drive, Office 365.

Collect, organise and present information effectively using a range of media.

Understand the benefits of using technology to collaborate with others.

Are aware of a range of Internet services, e.g. email, VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol e.g. Skype, FaceTime), World Wide Web, and what they do.

History      Our topic for half of the Spring term is ‘The Romans’.

During our history topic we will be looking at the chronology of the Roman Empire as well as their armies, invasions and the British resistance to this. We will also be studying the romanisation of Britain including a local study. Alongside this we will be using various sources of evidence and artefacts to support our understanding of this time in history.


Geography      Our topic for the second half of the Spring term has a geography focus.

For the first half of term we will predominantly be practising geographical skill work such as labelling maps with continents, oceans, hemispheres, tropic lines and European countries, using co-ordinates and looking at features of mountains, earthquakes and volcanoes.


DT / Art      Art – Drawing

Artist focus : Cézanne

DT – Textile including materials (sewing)

For both, we will research ideas, plan and design, make / create and then evaluate our work and that of others.




Happy, Healthy Heart

Principles of Play


RE      ‘What do Christians believe Jesus did to save us?’

‘Why do Hindus want to be good?’



     Focus musician: Saint Saëns

Using musical vocabulary to compare and evaluate pieces of his work.

Charanga Unit-‘Lean on Me’ by Bill Withers


PSHCE      Me and My Relationships

Keeping myself safe

Please keep this target and curriculum information handy as it can be a useful tool in supporting your child in their learning during this term.  Please do not hesitate in contacting us if you would like any further details about your child’s learning process or the curriculum being studied this term.
Many thanks, Mrs Rome & Miss Pates. 


Curr info – Class 4Spring 2023 2024