Teacher: Mrs Rome and Miss Pates
Teaching Assistant: Miss Bingle,  Mr Dougan


Curriculum information

Class 4 2023-24

Terms 1 and 2

The topics that we will be covering during this term of
‘The Romans

‘The Romans



Text genres: Warning story, Defeating the monster tale, nonsense poetry, recount, instructions.


We will be placing particular emphasis on sentence construction, spelling, grammar and handwriting to support pupils in their return to school.

Maths   Place value

Addition and subtraction

Multiplication and division

Measurement: length, perimeter and area

In addition, we will continue our work on our four operations through 4 in 5 sessions and daily mental maths sessions, focusing on times tables.

Science      Properties and changes of materials

We will be comparing different materials, learning about dissolving and separating different materials.



We will be investigating circuits during this unit, looking at switches and conductors/insulators.



     Online safety and digital literacy

What is a computer?

History      Our topic for this whole Autumn term is ‘The Romans’.

During our history topic we will be looking at the chronology of the Roman Empire as well as their armies, invasions and the British resistance to this. We will also be studying the romanisation of Britain including a local study. Alongside this we will be using various sources of evidence and artefacts to support our understanding of this time in history.


DT / Art      Art – Sculpture and 3D form: Looking at Roman arts and crafts and using these ideas/inspirations to design and make our own Roman piece of sculpture.


  DT – Construction, mechanics and electronics: This term we will be looking at how we make structures stronger, mechanics (levers, pulleys and gears).  We will be using our scientific knowledge to make a product which uses electricity/circuits.


For both, we will research ideas, plan and design, make / create and then evaluate our work and that of others.



     Football, TAG Rugby, Netball, Dance


RE      ‘What does it mean for Christians to believe that God is holy and loving?’

‘What does it mean to be a Muslim in Britain today?’



     Singing and performing: Using Charanga scheme and looking at the song ‘Stop’.

Christmas songs

PSHCE      Values / five ways of well-being (focus on ways to support our mental health and general well-being)

Valuing differences


Please keep this target and curriculum information handy as it can be a useful tool in supporting your child in their learning during this term.  Please do not hesitate in contacting us if you would like any further details about your child’s learning process or the curriculum being studied this term.
Many thanks, Mrs Rome & Miss Pates 



Curr info – Class 4 Autumn 2023 24