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At Eastington, we aim for our children to reach their full potential: academically, socially, physically and emotionally to enable them to confidently make their next steps and embed a life-long love of learning. We strive for our children to become active citizens in society who contribute positively whether locally or globally.

Our school motto is ‘aiming high together’ – this includes our school values to be: kind, cooperative, resilient, responsible, and ambitious. We work together with all members of our school community to demonstrate these values in all we do.

The impact of Covid-19 has meant children and teachers have met an unpredictable array of challenges. The year ahead will be crucial as schools re-establish routines and reconnect with pupils, so that all pupils go on to thrive.

The mental, physical, and economic impacts of Covid-19 will have affected every family and school in different ways, and the strains of lockdown may have created new barriers to learning, or exacerbated existing challenges for some children. Many children—particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, or who are vulnerable in other ways—may have been adversely affected by extended time away from school. Some may have inevitably suffered from the traumatic loss of a loved one or struggled with the loss of familiar routines.

In terms of learning, some children will have had a positive experience of remote learning, able to make the most of home learning as well as additional family time. However, the evidence suggests children are likely to be disproportionately from better-off backgrounds and that, as a result, existing learning gaps will have widened.

Whatever the projected impact of Covid-19 on pupils’ learning and the continuing disruption to the daily work of schools, what matters now is how we respond in the upcoming academic year. An evidence-informed response can help in restoring vital learning routines and ensure both pupils will have the best chance of success.

Our Catch-up funding document explains how we plan to support children at Eastington using additional funds given to us by Government in 2020/21. We plan to use some of this money to access tutoring support too so this is outlined as well. It is a working document and provision may alter in light of assessments, reviewing the impact of provision & further lockdowns etc..

Catch Up Funding Information – Updated 5.7.2022