Teacher: Mrs Burns
Teaching Assistant: 

Curriculum information

Class 3

Terms 5&6

The topics that we will be covering during this term of ‘The Stroud Valleys’ are: 


Imagery poetry

Narrative writing based on ‘Talk for Writing’ story – “Sandy Cove.”

Persuasive writing


Weekly spelling test with a new list given on a Thursday for homework


Maths Fractions (Y3)  Decimals (Y4)

Money and time including 24 hour clock, months and years, analogue to digital

Angles, 2D shape, symmetry and movement (Y3) 3D shape, mass, capacity and volume (Y4)

Multiplication and division including times tables up to 12 x 12.  Practice using “Times Tables Rockstars” and 50/100 club weekly sheets


Science Animals including humans – human nutrition from food, skeletons and muscles

Setting up enquiries, fair tests, making predictions, carrying out investigations, recording results and writing conclusions

Rocks – comparing and grouping rocks.  How fossils are formed.  Recognising that soils are made from rocks and organic matter.



Programming and computer control using Discover Coding


The Stroud Valleys:

Skills including compass points and co-ordinates

Using OS maps

Understanding key aspects of rivers

Understanding physical and human features of the Stroud Valleys

Looking at land use and settlement

Comparing similarities and differences from the past to present day


Art / DT Art – painting including exploring colour and texture.  Study of artist: Claude Monet

DT – cooking and nutrition





Striking and fielding.   Athletics with Atlas Sports coach – Mr Sheldrake

Swimming beginning Thursday 9th May until 20th June

RE For Christians, when Jesus left, what was the impact of Pentecost?

How and why do people mark the significant events of life?



Music peripatetic teacher to lead whole class glockenspiel lessons for 10 weeks




Growing and changing.  This unit is taught in separate year groups