Teacher: Mrs Redpath and Mrs Gater
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Bedwell


Curriculum information

Terms 1 & 2 2023

Our class topic for the second half-term will to be The Great Fire of London

Here are some of the things we will be doing and learning about this term:

English      Poetry

We will be reading and enjoying list poems. We will look at different versions and then practice writing our own, focusing on using lots of description through adjectives, adverbs and similes.


Our fiction writing this term will be use Pie Corbett work to learn parts of the story and write our own versions. We will look at setting in detail using the book as our stimulus.


We will be learning all about non-chronological reports and instructions and then we will write our own.



     Number and Place Value

Counting, reading and writing numbers; representing numbers as tens and ones; comparing and ordering groups of numbers.

Addition and Subtraction

Recognise, count and select coins; recall and apply number facts and fact families to

20; check calculations using the inverse; learn number bonds to 10 and apply to larger numbers; addition of two-digit numbers; subtraction of two-digit numbers; understand difference; compare number sentences.

Multiplication and division

Count in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s; make, recognise and add equal groups as multiplication; recognise the multiplication symbol and use in number sentences; make and use arrays.


Recognise and name 2D and 3D shapes; count and name the sides and vertices of 3D shapes; make and continue patterns with shapes.



     Online Safety and Digital Literacy

Through some online stories, activities and games, we will be exploring and learning how to stay safe when working online. We will learn how to use technology safely and respectfully, keeping personal information private and identifying where to go for help and support when we have concerns.

What is a Computer?

We will use and remember a password to log onto a computer, understand why we use passwords and why we shouldn’t share our password. We will recognise a range of devices that use computers and we will use a range of input and output devices in our lessons. We will use search engines to find information using keywords and understand that we can find information from a website.

Science      Everyday materials.

We will describe and name everyday materials based on what they are made of, as well as using our senses. We will learn new scientific words to help with this. We will identify and compare the suitability of a variety of everyday materials, explore how the shapes of solid objects can be changed (squashing, bending, twisting, stretching), explain how materials and solid shapes can be changed by bending, twisting and stretching. We will also explain how materials are changed by heating and cooling, explain how things move on different surfaces and find out about people who developed useful new materials

History      The Great Fire of London

We are going to look at chronology, firstly by describing memories of key events in our lives and sequencing those key events. This will help us to then sequence artefacts from distinctly different periods, match objects to people of different ages and sequence artefacts closer together in time. We will also use sources to answer questions about the past, use stories to help us to distinguish between fact and fiction and recognise why people did things, why events happened and what happened as a result.

Art      Sculpture and 3D form

In the first half of this term, we will explore and experiment with a range of materials to decide which is best to use to make our sculptures. We will also look at what tools and techniques we need to use, and we will evaluate our sculptures at the end of the unit

DT      Construction and mechanics

In the second half of this term, we will use a range of materials to create models with wheels and axles. We will distinguish between fixed and freely moving axles and with support, we will use a hacksaw to cut strip wood/dowel. We will also know and use technical vocabulary relevant to our project

PE      Happy healthy heart (fitness and fundamental skills) and multi-skills.
RE      Who is a Muslim and how do they live?

We will recognise the words of the Shahadah and that it is very important for Muslims, identify some of the key Muslim beliefs about God found in the Shahadah and the 99 names of Allah. We will also give examples of how stories about the prophet show what Muslims believe about Muhammad, as well as give examples of how Muslims use the Shahadah to show what matters to them.

Why does Christmas matter to Christians?

We will recognise that stories of Jesus’ life come from the Gospels, give a clear, simple account of the story of Jesus’ birth and why Jesus is important for Christmas. We will also give examples of ways in which Christians use the story of the Nativity to guide their beliefs and actions at Christmas, as well as think, talk and ask questions about Christmas for people who are Christians and for people who are not. Finally, we will reflect on what we are personally thankful for, giving a reason for our ideas.



     Singing and performing

We will investigate changes in pulse, rhythm and pitch whilst learning to use our voices expressively and in different ways through singing

PSHE      School values

We will be focusing on our school values and understanding what each value means, as well as looking at how we can support our mental health and general well-being.

Valuing differences

We will identify some of the physical and non-physical differences between people, know and use words/phrases that show respect for other people, identify people who are special to us and explain some of the ways they are special to us. We will also recognise and explain how a person’s behaviour can affect other people, identify groups we are part of, explain how it feels to be a part of a group and how it feels to be left out from a group.

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