Teacher: Mrs Redpath and Mrs Gater
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Bedwell


Curriculum information

Terms 5 & 6  2024

Our class topic for this term will to be Near and Far – comparing the UK with Kenya.

Here are some of the things we will be doing and learning about this term:

English  Fiction

Our fiction writing this term will be using Pie Corbett techniques to write our own innovated stories using our ideas from our focus texts.

Non-fiction – Recounts

Letters – We will write letters to our new class teacher to introduce ourselves.

Spelling homework  will be uploaded to Google classroom on a Thursday.  Please use the ‘look, cover, write, check’ technique to help your child to learn them.  Please return the spelling homework by the following Tuesday.

Reading with your child daily is encouraged as it makes such a difference in so many areas of their learning.






 Multiplication and Division

Year 1 – counting in 2’s, counting in 5’s, counting in 10’s, making arrays, grouping and sharing.

Year 2 – multiplying and dividing by 2, multiplying and dividing by 5, multiplying and dividing by 10, making arrays, grouping and sharing.


Year 1 – Recognize, find and name 1/2 and a 1/4 as one of two equal parts of an object, shape or quantity.

Year 2 – Recognize, find and name 1/2, 1/4 and 1/3 and 3/4 as equal parts of an object, shape or quantity.


Year 1 – Describe position and direction.

Year 2 – Describe movement and turns, shape patterns with turns.


Year 1 – Recognizing coins, recognizing notes, before and after, time to the hour, time to the half hour, writing time, comparing time.

Year 2 – Tell time to the hour, time to the half hour, quarter to and quarter past the hour, tell the time to five minutes.


Year 2 – Interpret and use tally charts, block diagrams, tables and pictograms.

Number – Place Value

Year 1 – Counting to 100, comparing numbers, partitioning, comparing and ordering numbers.










 Programming and computer control using Discover Coding.

We will first learn what algorithms are and then understand how they work by using the computer and the website Discover Coding to give instructions to make objects on the screen move when the program starts.  We will also combine start events and click events in code to make a simple game.



Science Living Things and their Habitats

We will decide whether something is living, dead or non-living and explain the differences between living and non-living things.  We will also describe how a habitat provides for the basic needs of things living there and describe a range of different habitats.


Geography Near and Far

This term we will be looking at location, human and physical geography, direction/location, fieldwork and map work by learning about a small area of the United Kingdom and Kenya.  We will begin our unit of work by naming and locating the seven continents and the countries that make up the United Kingdom.

Art  Painting/colour

We will look at the work of Paul Klee and the use of colour to explore primary colours and how they can be used to make secondary colours.  We will then make colours lighter or darker by adding white or black to them and begin to mix and match colours to artefacts, images or objects.

DT  Material including textiles

We will learn to demonstrate a range of joining techniques and cut materials safely using tools.  We will demonstrate a range of cutting and shaping techniques and understand how simple 3-D textile products are made, using a template to create two identical shapes.  We will understand and use the term fabric, textile and material correctly when describing and designing products.  We will understand how to join fabrics using different techniques and discuss and identify what gives a product a good quality finish. 

PE   Athletics and Fundamentals

  Dodgeball and Circuits

RE What is the ‘good news’ Christians believe Jesus brings?

What makes some places sacred to believers?




We will use Charanga to explore how different sounds can be organised and identify and organise sounds using simple criteria – loud, soft, high, low.

PSHE Growing and Changing

We name major internal body parts (heart, lungs, blood, stomach, intestines, brain) and understand and explain the simple bodily processes associated with them.  We will also identify things they could do as a baby, a toddler and can do now as well as identify the people who help/helped them at those different stages.

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