School Uniform

FREE! - Children in Red Uniform Display Cut Outs
We are very proud of our school uniform as it includes children in our school community.

We aim for our uniform to be practical and affordable as possible – we do not insist that uniform items carry our school logo so they can be purchased from many outlets/supermarkets. We know many families will want jumpers/T-shirts/hoodies with our school logo on and these can be purchased from Batemans in Stroud.

   Our uniform comprises:

  • black/grey trousers (not jean/fleece material)
  • black/grey skirt (not jean material, skirts that are at least to the knee)
  • white shirt/blouse
  • red sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan
  • white/grey/black socks
  • black, flat shoes (no slip on/sliders)
  • if cold, black/grey tights can be worn with skirts
  • if warm, red & white check dress can be worn
  • if warm, black/grey school shorts can be worn (not jean/fleece material)

For PE in school and school sport clubs, uniform consists of:

  • red shorts (no big logos/writing)
  • white t-shirt (no big logos/writing)
  • black pumps for Reception/KS1
  • trainers for KS2 (trainers with straps will be needed until your child can tie laces)
  • if cold, black leggings or black tracksuit bottoms (without big logos/writing)
  • if cold, school jumpers will be worn. Alternatively, black sports hoodies with the school logo can be purchased form Batemans
  • hair tie – if your child has long hair/long fringe (as it will impair their vision when playing games)
  • micropore tape for earrings if your child has studs that they are unable to take out due to recent piercing

Please clearly name all items of uniform – it is the only way to ensure uniform items are return to their owners.

We do not allow jewellery such as rings/bracelets/necklaces, make-up or nail varnish to be worn to school.

Watches/fitbits are allowed, as are small stud earrings (though your child will need to be able to take them out for PE. If your child is not able to do this as ears have recently been pierced, please send your child in with some micropore tape so they can cover them.)


In Reception/KS1, school book bags are really useful for children to carry books, letters and homework to and from school without damaging them, especially in Reception and Key Stage 1. These can be purchased from Batemans in Stroud.

If your child/ren are eligible for Free School Meals (not including Universal Infant Free School Meal), our wonderful PA will contribute to a set of uniform each year. Please talk with the Administration Officer, Mrs Birch, in confidence about this.