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We will use google classroom as our virtual learning platform.  Staff have received training on this platform over Autumn Term 1.  We have selected Google Classroom because it allows teachers to set work appropriate for children in the class and provide feedback with greater efficiency than using the school website/e-mail.

All parents/carers have received a text with their child’s Google Classroom login details.  We would appreciate if all parents/carers took the time to login and set up their account, as outlined in the letters below, as soon as possible. In order to allow teachers, parents/carers and children to become more familiar with the Google Classroom learning platform, teachers will use this to set children’s weekly homework (for Years 1 – 6) for the foreseeable future. Children in Reception have also been set a homework task on Google Classroom so every family and class are all ready for remote learning if/when we need to use it.

If you have any difficulty in setting up Google Classroom or sending back homework on it, please don’t worry – we know it can be tricky to start.  Just contact your child’s class teacher or let Mrs Birch know on  and we will help. We have several friendly parents who are ready and willing to help talk you through the process via phone/e-mail too.

If we need to move to remote learning for a class/classes,  teachers will upload a daily timetable for the next day by 6pm the evening before – this will include links to online providers recommended by DfE such as Oak Academy and White Rose Hub.  In addition teachers will provide daily virtual sessions/s via zoom – every child will be invited to at least one of these a day. (These live zoom sessions will be recorded to support safeguarding.)  No two classes’ zoom lessons will happen at the same time, to allow for shared computer/tablet access between siblings at the school.

Further details of the work teachers will set, as well as how feedback will be provided to children, is outlined in the  remote learning policy below.

If/when we move to remote learning please do not feel alone – we will still be working hard to support your children. If you need help with technology, prioritising work then please do contact us.

Remote Learning policy – Reviewed May 2021

Nov 3.11.2020 Parent Instructions for Setting-Up Google Classroom

Nov 3.11.2020 Remote Learning Letter Google Classroom and Homework

Nov 9.11.2020 Homework Letter for Parents


Google classroom – Pdf Homework Steps-  Adobe Link

Google Classroom – Pdf Homework Steps for Adding Comments to Pdf

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