Image result for happy children school clipartHave a look below to find out more about your class teacher for September 2020. Each teacher has set a little activity for you to complete over the Summer so they can get to know you a little as well.

We are all really looking forward to working with you on site again in September – your teachers will be working hard to prepare the classroom and planning work just right for you over the Summer. Have fun and come back ready to learn.

Class 1 – Mrs Parsons

Hello! I am Mrs Parsons.  I have been teaching for 28 years, 21 of those at Eastington in Class 1.

We are one, big happy family at Eastington and I work closely with my teaching assistant and friend, Mrs Williams.  We share a love of working with young children as well as being passionate Welsh rugby supporters!

I have 3 lovely teenage sons, Jack, Alfie and Noah, who keep me busy when I am not working!  I love to take them to watch Gloucester play rugby and we enjoy watching football and tennis on the television.  I can’t wait to welcome you to Class 1 and see all your smiling faces when we come back to school.

Have a go at the transition activity I have made for you.  If you are going to be in Year 1 you could write a sentence(s) about what you have been doing in the holiday.  When you have completed it, send it to: I’m looking forward to seeing your pictures and hearing all about what you do in the holiday.

Class 1 transition activity

Class 2 – Miss Smith

Hello! I am Miss Smith. This is my first year at Eastington and I am really looking forward to teaching in Class 2. I completed my PGCE at the University of Gloucestershire. I have mostly taught in years 1 and 3 but also a little in year 6. Before completing my PGCE, I worked as a teaching assistant for five years supporting children in years 2, 3 and 4 as well as spending time in Reception. When I am not in school, I enjoy going for walks in the countryside and spending time with my family. I also like to read and I love watching Disney films (Aristocats is one of my favourites 😊). I cannot wait to meet you all and see your smiling faces when we come back to school.

Have a go at the transition activity I have made for you so that I can get to know you before September. I have also completed the activity so that you can all get to know me. First, you need to do a little bit of writing by telling me your name, your birthday, your favourite colour, your favourite animal and your favourite food. Once you have completed the writing, you can draw a picture of yourself in the palm of the hand. When you have completed your hand, send it to: . I cannot wait to find out all about you.

Class 2 – Get to know me     Miss Smith – Get to know me

Class 3 – Mrs Burns

Hello everyone!  I am Mrs Burns.  I have been teaching in Class 3 for a few years and before that in Class 2.  Eastington is a very special primary school where I know you will have lots of friends and adults to help you.  I am really looking forward to meeting you all in September and getting to know you and your families.  When I am not in school, I enjoy riding my bike and swimming.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to swim lately, but, I hope to very soon.  I also love reading and doing jobs in the garden.

Have a go at the activity I have made for you.  I can’t wait to read your sentences about you, your family and things you like to do.  Enjoy drawing a picture of yourself and telling me what you would like to improve on next year.  When you have completed it, send it to:

All about Me C3 activity

Class 4 – Miss Pates and Mrs Rome

Miss Pates – I am Miss Pates (I’m sure most of you have seen me around school!!).  I teach Class 4 on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  I also work in school on a Monday as the school SENDCo and help children with My Plans.  I also am the curriculum leader for Art, DT and Music.  I love teaching these subjects as I am very creative (you may have seen my art challenges I set out during lockdown).

When I am not teaching, you will probably find me going for long walks in the countryside with my dog, Bramley, or at the gym – I love to exercise.  Along with that, my favourite hobby is scuba diving and all things outdoors.  I love the ocean and am very passionate about it; the creatures within it and also protecting it.  I love nature and enjoy learning about different animals, birds and plants.  I also enjoy travelling and going to new places.  Baking is also a favourite hobby – I have learnt how to make a lot of new cakes over the last few months.

I have travelled around the world and completed many exciting activities including: sky diving, bungy jumping, river boarding, zorbing, surfing – to name a few!  When my next adventure happens,  I’m hoping to swim with sharks (I have seen these scuba diving though)!

I cannot wait to meet you all in September and find out more about you too.  Have a lovely summer holiday.

Mrs Rome –  I am Mrs Rome and I teach class 4 on a Monday and Tuesday. Most of you will know me from around the school (or being in class 4 last year!) I am the curriculum leader for Maths, PSHE and Geography. I love teaching maths every day as it is my favourite subject.  When I am not in school, I love to spend time with my family. I have three children, and we love going for walks and on lots of fun adventures, including camping, swimming and exploring new places. I also love to run! I am currently training for the London Marathon, which will hopefully be going ahead in October. As well as running, I have taken up a new hobby during lockdown and started cycling, which I am really enjoying …. I have a new (to me) road bike, which you will see in school on the days I cycle in! I can’t wait to see you all in September, have a great summer holiday.

We have explained a bit about ourselves to you, but we would really like to find out more about you!  Our activity is to do with explaining all about yourself.  We have completed ones about us for you to see.  You can print off, write and decorate your sheet, or add text boxes to each section to type it up.  You can add a photo or draw yourselves.  See how creative you can be!

Please then send these back via the class email (or take a photo and send it to us) at  Please can you bring the paper copies with you on your first day back in September as we’d like to make a display with them too.We cannot wait to find out all about you!

Miss Pates     Mrs Rome     Pieces of me blank

Miss Child

Hello! I am Miss Child. I have been working at Eastington for the last year in Class 2 and as the deputy head teacher. I have loved my first year becoming part of the warm and welcoming school family at Eastington. Before this, I worked at other schools in the local area. During this time, I have been lucky enough to teach all year groups and I am looking forward to teaching Year 5 and Year 6 again in September. When I am not in school, I enjoy spending time outside running and walking in the countryside. I also love to read and spend time at home with my very loved and spoilt cats – Gizmo and Pepper. They are always up to mischief! I can’t wait to see all your smiling faces when we come back to school.

Have a go at the transition activity I have made for you. First, you need to solve the maths problems to work out all the information about me! Then have a go at making your own. You can decide what information you want to give me and then make up the maths problems to go with it. When you have completed it, send it to: I cant wait to find out all about you and solve your problems

Figure me out     Figure out Miss Child