School Nurse

Our school nurse Penny Howarth, regularly runs drop-in sessions based at school. You will be informed of the sessions in the school newsletter.

Tel: 01453 562120

Children’s Information Service (CIS)

For help in finding childcare, out of school clubs, childminders and holiday clubs and information on tax credits an benefit, parenting and family support.

Tel: 0800 542 0202

Parentline Plus

For information and support on issues facing parents. Parentline Plus has a free confidential helpline available seven days a week, 24 hours a day and locally they also offer group workshops for parents and carers addressing a wide range of issues and one to one support.

Tel: 01453 768160


PATA’s reputation as an excellent source of support and information for childcare from birth to teens including holiday play schemes and is built on more than 15 years’ experience and expertse.

Gloucestershire Music Service and Gloucestershire Dance

Winston’s Wish

Support for bereaved children and their families.

Gloucestershire Good Health and Gloucestershire Health Services

This website provides details of local health initiatives and support services available within the county.

Cotswold and Vale Primary Care Trust and Vale Primary Care Trust

Tel: 01453 562120

Internet Safety