At Eastington we offer a broad curriculum. This has been mapped out carefully to ensure the full national curriculum is taught. Each subject has a specific skill progression to support pupil progress over the primary years. Where ever possible we make meaningful links between subjects to help children immerse themselves in their learning and so fully engage. See an example below from a Class 4 history topic.

Key Stage 1/EYFS Topic Overview

Below is the three year rolling programme used in KS1 and EYFS.  This year (2020 – 21) we are in Year A.

Topic overview progression KS1

Key Stage 2 Topic Overview

Below is the four year rolling programme for KS2.  This year (2020-  21) is Year A.

Topic overview progression KS2

Class 4 History topic was World War 1 and World War II. They immersed themselves in how lives were affected during these terrible, yet incredible times. The children enjoyed experiencing an ‘evacuation’ whilst on a WWII trip to the STEAM museum, learnt about rationing, the role of women during the war, the difficulties during the Blitz, and embraced a challenging and moving Christmas play entitled ‘We’ll Meet Again’, in which the lives of London evacuees are followed during 1945. Some children took the opportunity to share their creative writing skills by using inspiration from this work to write poems. We hope you enjoy them!

There is more to November
Such as poppies to remember
Red is most common
But have you seen in the autumn
White for peace
Or at least,
Purple for the animals that fought
Because I think they ought
To get a mention
Or at least some attention
For the things they have done
So remember soldiers who fought since war begun
If you ever see poppies glorious
See that we were only victorious
After pain and strife not anything nice
So remember, poppies of November.

By Emma – age 9.


Poppy poem
I am not a badge of honour,
A trophy to be worn.
You swore you would remember,
The lives that were torn.

I am not a fashion statement,
A reason to start war.
You know what you promised,
Your behaviour is poor.

The reason I am here,
Is for those you never met.
Who fell in Flanders fields,
Lest we forget.

By Nel – age 9.


Dear Home:
The trenches are brown,
The poppies are red,
Our hearts aren’t down,
But most people are dead.

I may be home soon,
Or never at all,
Just remember me,
Oh remember me.

I’m writing home to say,
Please be ok,
It’s very nearly over,
Just stay ok.

How I want you,
How you want me,
How we want each other,
To live happily.

Soon I may be gone,
So brave you must be,
Together we’re strong,
So strong we must be.

The trenches are brown,
The poppies are red,
Our hearts aren’t down,
But most people are dead.

Those who have fallen,

By Matilda – age 9.

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