Each week the class teaching team chose two children who have demonstrated our school values (Aiming High Together to be: ambitious, responsible, resilient, kind and co-operative) or who have shown exceptional effort to achieve. The children selected are written in our golden book to recognise their achievements and on Friday we celebrate them in assembly.

Sometimes other children notice a child doing something exceptional and they can talk to their teacher about adding that child into the golden book too. Occasionally adults are in the golden book too!

Congratulations to you when you make it into the Golden Book- it means you’ve been noticed doing something special!


Our Latest Celebrated Achievers:

Do ask us why we were chosen to be in the golden book this week…

Week Ending 19th March 2021

Class 1: Robin and Georgia

Class 2: Jamie and Thomas

Class 3: Braxton and Jasmine

Class 4: Maisie and Ewan

Class 5: Oliver and Sophie


Week Ending 12th March 2021

Class 1: Eliza and Leo

Class 2: Foley and Olivia

Class 3: Arlo and Otto

Class 4: Harriet and Finley

Class 5: Harun and Harrison H


Week Ending 18th December 2020

Class 1: Arohi – For always being kind to her friends and being a helpful member of Class 1.

Class1: Oscar E: For solving our daily calendar puzzle – good resilience and super maths work.

Class 2: Sakara: For writing a fantastic non-chronological report. You used the features of non-chronological reports well and even used possessive apostrophe. You wrote well because you took responsibility to learn well all week.

Class 2: Gearge M: For creating a brilliant vehicle in DT. You used a hacksaw to cut your doweling axles responsibly and created brilliant decoration too.

Class 3: Braxton: For taking responsibility for improving his spelling – remembering word patterns taught and practising at home and school. Well done!

Class 3: Mila: For being being ambitious in reading. You have made great progress and it is fantastic to see your enjoyment of new books and how well you are learning.

Class 4: Seren: For an amazing cross-curricular piece of writing about the Vikings & Anglo Saxons. You used the features of a non-chronological report brilliantly! Well done for being ambitious and challenging yourself.

Class 4: Finley: For designing and creating a brilliant Viking longship. It was well thought out and made with care.

Class 5: Quinn: For his brilliant story writing this week. It was well structured, descriptive and and created super suspense. You were ambitious.

Class 5: For your hard work and great concentration in maths. You have mastered calculating with fractions. Well done – great resilience!