Each week the class teaching team chose two children who have demonstrated our school values (Aiming High Together to be: ambitious, responsible, resilient, kind and co-operative) or who have shown exceptional effort to achieve. The children selected are written in our golden book to recognise their achievements and on Friday we celebrate them in assembly. The children have a special certificate so they can share their good news with their parents and carers too.

Sometimes other children notice a child doing something exceptional and they can talk to their teacher about adding that child into the golden book. Occasionally adults are in the golden book too!

Congratulations to you when you make it into the Golden Book- it means you’ve been noticed doing something special!


Our Latest Celebrated Achievers:

Do ask us why we were chosen to be in the golden book this week…

Week Ending 11th February 2022

Class 1: Eddie and Keira

Class 2: Charlie and Dylan

Class 3: Braxton and Molly

Class 4: Shay and Arlo

Class 5: Oscar and Lola


Week Ending 4th February 2022

Class 1: Maisy V and Clemmie

Class 2: Olive and Maci-Jay

Class 3: Sakura and Leo

Class 4: Violet and Sophie McB

Class 5: Adam and Bethan


Week Ending 28th January 2022

Class 1: Behati and Oscar

Class 2: Poppy and Arohi

Class 3: Sam and Jamie

Class 4: Addy and Red

Class 5: Jack and Nathan


Week Ending 21st January 2022

Class 1: George and Freya

Class 2: Marnie and Ethan

Class 3: Foley and Olivia

Class 4: Freya and Harry C

Class 5: Ewan and Florence


Week Ending 14th January 2022

Class 1: Joseph and Aleiyah

Class 2: Robin and Delilah

Class 3: Thea and Sophie

Class 4: Bea and Basil

Class 5: Emma and Purdey


Week Ending 7th January 2022

Class 1: Tommy and Holly

Class 2: Darcie and Alex

Class 3: Mila and Teddy

Class 4: Rupert and Phoebe

Class 5: Jessica and Marcie


Week Ending 1oth December 2021

Class 1: Eddie and Eva

Class 2: Angelo and Rosie

Class 3: Jamie and Cory

Class 4: Charlotte and William

Class 5: Harrison and Seren