Each week teachers chose two children who have worked really hard in class and demonstrated the school values to go in the golden book to recognise their achievements. 

Friday 28th February

Class 1: Charlotte and Poppy
Class 2: Theo and Molly
Class 3: Phoebe and Charlotte
Class 4: Millie and Oscar
Class 5: Georgia and Hero

Friday 14th February 

Class 1: Millie and Cammari
Class 2: Katie and Leo
Class 3: Phoenix and Rubie
Class 4: Maude and Jessica
Class 5: Max and Lexie

Friday 7th February

Class 1: Max and Robin
Class 2: Sophie and Gabriel
Class 3: Jessica and Harry
Class 4: Seren and Nathan
Class 5: Piers and Matilda

Friday 31st January 

Class 1: Ruby and Jamie
Class 2: George and Matthew
Class 3: Jack and Maisie
Class 4: Harrision and Lily
Class 5: Finley and Hero

Friday 24th January 

Class 1: Charlie and Millie
Class 2: Jacob and Harlow
Class 3: Jessica and Lola
Class 4: Harun and Emelia
Class 5: Imi and Martha

Friday 17th January 

Class 1: Jackson and Hugo
Class 2: Braxton and Callum
Class 3: Phonix and Basil
Class 4: Emma and Adam
Class 5: Sam and Emma

Friday 10th Janaury 

Class 1: Harry and Ethan
Class 2: Mila and Matthew
Class 3: Finley and Violet
Class 4: Harrision and George
Class 5: Jasmine and Bella

Friday 13th December

Class 1: Teddy and Beatrix
Class 2: Foley and Jack
Class 3: Rio and Shay
Class 4: Wilf and Bethan
Class 5: Ramarni and Toby

Friday 6th December

Class 1: George and Angelo
Class 2: Otto and Emmy
Class 3: Sophie, Purdey and Bella
Class 4: Marcie and Wilf
Class 5: Perin and Chloe

Friday 29th November

Class 1: Iris and Hugoa
Class 2: Cory and Tess
Class 3: Maisie and Jasmine
Class 4: Nathan and Freya
Class 5: Toby and Sophie

Friday 22nd November

Class 1: Max and Poppy
Class 2: Freya and Addy
Class 3: Rubie and Jack
Class 4: Jessica and Adam
Class 5: Georgia and Scarlett

Friday 15th November

Class1: Dylan and Alice
Class 2: Arlo and Amelie
Class 3: Rosa and Bea
Class 4: Lauren and Harun
Class 5: Myla-Grace and Chloe

Friday 8th November

Class 1: Poppy and Harry
Class 2: Evan and Rupert
Class 3: Lottie and Phoebe
Class 4: Millie and Oscar
Class 5: Martha and Jessica

Friday 18th October 

Class 1: Thea and Marnie
Class2: Owen and Gabriel
Class 3: Bella and Harry
Class 4: George and MAude
Class 5: Poppy and Nel

Friday 11th October:

Class 1: Eoin and James
Class 2: Barney and Sophia
Class 3: Jack and Lola
Class 4: Izzy and Daniel
Class 5: Finley and Sam

Friday 4th October:

Class 1: Tom and Rosie
Class 2: Katie and Theo
Class 3: Harry and Laila-May
Class 4: Ella and Quinn
Class 5: Imi and Flossie

Friday 27th September:

CLASS 1: Charlotte and Delilah.
CLASS 2: Sam and Sophie
CLASS 3: Sophie and Maisie
CLASS 4: Ollie and Lily
CLASS 5: Emma and Matilda