Teacher: Mrs Mifflin
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Yorke

 Curriculum information

Class 5

Terms 3 & 4 2019-20

The foci for our learning within the topic of “Our Locality – The Stroud Valleys” are:

English      Classic Fiction – studying sections of “Cider with Rosie” as part of our locality topic and to improve our descriptive writing.

Persuasive writing.

Performance poetry.


Continuing work on spelling rules, punctuation and grammar.

Maths      Fractions revision (Y5).

Algebra and ratio (Y6).

Decimals and percentages.

Measurement – converting units.

Perimeter, area and volume.

Statistics – collecting, recording and interpreting data.

Science      Materials and their properties.

Dissolving of materials and what affects the dissolving rate.

Reversible and irreversible changes.

Everyday uses of materials and how their properties facilitate design and technology.

Methods of separating materials.



     Programming and coding to make a times tables game.

Understanding computer networks and differentiating between the internet and the world wide web.

Using search technologies safely and efficiently to retrieve information.

Creating documents for specific purposes, including collecting, analysing, evaluating and presenting data and information.


Geography      Map skills – using atlases to identify major cities, rivers, mountain ranges and land marks in the UK.

A study of our locality – history, culture, environment and why we love living here!

DT / Art      Art – sketching. Taking inspiration from Cezanne.

D.T – control programming – we will be programming beebots around our self-designed treasure island maps!



     Dance – Miss Mills will be inspiring us and teaching us some of her moves!

Gymnastics – balancing, movement and creating sequences using a variety of equipment.

Participation in the ‘Young Leaders’ programme (Y5 only).

RE      How do festivals and worship show what matters to a Muslim?

How do festivals and family life show what matters to Jews?



     Experimenting with different ways to play instruments.

Composing our own songs and performing them.

PSHCE      Community and social issues – young carers and gang culture.

Internet safety – how to make sensible decisions, keep safe and use the internet in a productive way.

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