Curriculum_information T1

Teacher: Mrs Mifflin/Mrs Redpath
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Yorke

Curriculum information

Class 5

Terms 1 & 2

Our class topic this term is “The Ancients”.

Here are some of the things we will be doing and learning about this term:

  •      Adventure stories – inspired by our Mayan class text, “Middleworld”.
  •      Newspaper reports and journalistic writing.
  •      Letter writing.
  •      Comprehension – with a focus on retrieval and inference.
  •      Spelling and grammar rules.
  •      Applying knowledge of number and place value to order numbers – positive  and  negative.
  •      Rounding whole numbers from the nearest ten to the nearest million.
  •      Written and mental methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and  division of whole numbers and decimals.
  •      Strategies for problem solving and reasoning.
  •      Electricity – how it was discovered and how it is used in today’s world.
  •      Investigating circuits and symbols for drawing circuits.
  •      Forces – how we use them in our everyday lives to our advantage.
  •      Air resistance, gravity, water resistance and friction.
  •      E-safety – how to remain safe online, information sharing, security of  websites and passwords.
  •      Searching for information safely.
  •      What is a computer?
  •      The Greeks (how culture, life and achievements have influenced and impacted present day Britain).
  •      The Mayans as a contrast to British history.
  •      The Egyptians  – the first civilisation.
DT / Art
  •      Art – Mayan temples – designing, making and evaluating them.
  •      D.T – construction – mechanics and electronics. We will be making our own cars.


  •      Invasion games – working and playing as a team, using attacking and defensive  strategies in the context of netball and hockey.
  •      Gymnastics (taught by a specialist teacher).
  •      Science and Creation – conflicting or complementary?
  •      Why do some people believe in God and others do not?


  •      Singing – working towards understanding the beat and rhythm of songs and music.
  •      Studying “You’ve Got a Friend”
  •      Five ways to wellbeing.
  •      School values.
  •      Valuing individual differences.