Teacher: Mrs Redpath
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Yorke

Curriculum information

Class 5

Terms 1 & 2 2020

Our class topic this term is The Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings. 

Here are some of the things we will be doing and learning about this term:

English      Fiction

This will link to our topic of the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings.  We will look at myths and legends from the time and have a go at writing our own.


We will look at different versions of performance poetry and then practice writing our own before performing them to each other.


This will include non-chorological reports, journalistic style writing and explanation texts.



     Number and Place Value

Place value of numbers to ten million; rounding numbers to a required degree of accuracy; negative numbers.

Four operations

Addition and subtraction of numbers with more than four digits; multiples and common multiples; multiplying and dividing by 10, 100, 1000 and multiples of these numbers; multiplying up to 4-digits by 2-digits; factors and common factors; long and short division; prime, square and cube numbers.


Equivalent fractions; simplifying fractions; comparing and ordering fractions; adding and subtracting fractions; mixed numbers and improper fractions; fractions of amounts; multiplying and dividing fractions.



     Internet safety

This will include ensuring we know how to use online services and technologies safely. We will evaluate website and online sources, including looking at copyright and understand laws linked to the internet.

Uses of information technology

This will include understanding what the internet is made up of and what a web browser is. We will look at search engines and how to use them effectively.

Science      Forces

Children will learn the effects of air resistance, friction and water resistance. They will find out about gravity and learn how mechanisms will allow a smaller force to have a greater effect.


Children will investigate how the brightness of a bulb is associated with the voltage of cells used in a circuit. The will learn the symbols used to draw circuits in a diagram.

History      Vikings and Anglo-Saxons

This will include learning about the invasions, settlements and kingdoms; Anglo- Saxon art, culture and religion; key events and people and Anglo-Saxon laws and justice. We will also compare much of this to how we live now.


Art      Drawing

We will be using pencil to create pattern and texture. We will consider perspective using a focal point, foreground, middle ground and background.


This will be linked to our topic of Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. We will plan, create and evaluate a model Viking boat using appropriate 3D materials.

DT      Construction, mechanisms and mechanics

This will link to our art and science as well as our topic. We will consider great inventors and look at how these have impacted our life. We will use wood to create a structure and we will create mechanical and electrical systems.

PE      Dance, multi-skills and rugby.
RE      What does it mean if Christians believe God is holy and loving?

This will include looking at biblical texts and finding connections between these and Christian ideas about God. We will also look at how Christians show their beliefs through worship.

What does it mean to be a Muslim in Britain today?   

Children will Identify and explain Muslim beliefs about God, the Prophet and the Holy Qur’an. They will also consider ways which Muslim sources of authority guide Muslim living.



     In Music, we will investigate changes in timbre, dynamics, pitch and duration. We will listen to a range of high quality, live and recorded music. We will experiment with instrumental sounds and create our own body percussion performance.
PSHCE      My relationships and me

The five ways of well-being