Teacher: Mrs Burns
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Morgan

Curriculum information

Class 3

Terms 1 & 2 2019-20

The topics that we will be covering during this term of
Ancient Egypt’ are;  

English Adventure stories including “Beware of the Iron Man” by Pie Corbett

Instructions – how to embalm a mummy

Poetry – exploring the use of imagery and visual effects

Newspaper reports e.g the discovery of Tutankhamun

Information texts

Weekly spelling test on a Wednesday with a new list given on a Thursday for homework

Maths Place value
(extending and building on current place value knowledge including 3 and 4 digit numbers)Addition and subtraction including formal written methods using columns

Use of inverse operations to check answers

Solving addition and subtraction two-step problems

Solving simple measure and money problems

Multiplication and division including times tables up to 12 x 12.  Practice using “Times Tables Rockstars” – computer program at school and home

Science Animals including Humans – describing and understanding the human digestive system.  Identifying the different parts of teeth in humans and their simple functions

Food chains identifying producers, predators and prey

Properties of materials including experiments with dissolving, mixing and changes of state.  Comparing materials for hardness, solubility and transparency



Use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly

Design, write and debug programs

Use sequence, selection and repetition in programs particularly with the learn pads

Use logical reasoning to explain how simple algorithms work e.g to detect and correct errors


History Ancient Egypt –  location using various maps

Investigating the importance of the river Nile

Exploring Egyptian pharaohs

Investigating Egyptian pyramids and mummification

Finding out about Egyptian gods

Investigating hieroglyphs and the Rosetta Stone

Finding out about Howard Carter and the discovery of Tutankhamun

KS2 visit to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford for ‘hands on’ Egyptian activities

Art / DT Producing creative work, exploring ideas and recording experiences through drawing and making papier mache Egyptian canopic jars

Designing and making an Egyptian bookmark using sewing techniques on binca fabric. Investigating ideas e.g Egyptian cats or hieroglyphs and evaluating outcomes



Net and wall games – football, hockey and netball.  Throwing and catching with increased control and accuracy.

Invasion games – working and playing as a team, using attacking and defensive strategies

RE Exploring how Christians learn from the Creation story and what it is like for someone to follow God


Listening to “Zadok the Priest” by Handel and evaluating the anthem using musical vocabulary.  Learning and singing simple songs leading to composing a melodic piece with percussion accompaniment.  Practice and perform group compositions with tuned and untuned percussion
PSHCE Identifying how to keep ourselves safe.  Discussing places to be safe and talking about feelings.  Learning about medicines and drugs including caffeine, alcohol and tobacco


Curriculim info Class 3 Autumn 2019