Teacher: Miss Child
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Bedwell

 Curriculum information

Class 2

Terms 1 & 2 2019

Our class topic this term is Home Sweet Home. 

Here are some of the things we will be doing and learning about this term:

English  Fiction

We’ll be using our Pie Corbett work to look at different stories. We will learn them and then innovate them to write our own versions.


We’ll be looking at list poems. We will look at different versions and then practise writing our own.


We are learning all about instructions and writing our own. We will also be looking at non-chronological reports later in the term.

Spelling homework will be given out on a Thursday. Please practice each word and then put them into sentences in the yellow book. Please return the following Wednesday or before.

Maths  Number and Place Value.

Counting, reading and writing numbers; representing numbers as tens and ones; comparing and ordering groups of numbers.

Addition and Subtraction.

Recognise, count and select coins; recall and apply number facts and fact families to 20; check calculations using the inverse; learn number bonds to 10 and apply to larger numbers; addition of two-digit numbers; subtraction of two-digit numbers; understand difference; compare number sentences.

Multiplication and division

Count in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s; make, recognise and add equal groups as multiplication; recognise the multiplication symbol and use in number sentences; make and use arrays.

Maths homework is given out each Thursday.  Please return the following Wednesday or before.



 Internet safety

Through some online stories, activities and games, we will be exploring and learning how to stay safe when working online. We will learn how to use technology safely and respectfully, keeping personal information private and identifying where to go for help and support when we have concerns.

Uses of information technology

We will explore how information technology is used in places beyond school.

(All other areas of the Computing curriculum will be approached through cross curricular links across the other topic areas)

Science  Animals.

Children will describe how animals obtain their food from plants and other animals, using the idea of a simple food chain, and identify and name different sources of food.

We will describe and compare the structure of a variety of common animals (fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals including pets).

History   Changes within living memory.

Children will investigate changes within home and school life through looking at old photographs and compare these to their own experiences. They will also explore changes in transport, communication, toys, food and music and gain an understanding of historical vocabulary.


Art Drawing

Keeping with our theme of Houses and Homes, we’ll be using different types of pencils to draw. We’ll think about thick and thin lines, shading and using dots and dashes to improve our work.

DT Sewing/Cross stitch

In the second part of this term, we will design a lovely cross-stitch sampler and communicate our ideas through talking, drawing and then stitching.  The theme will be Christmas!

PE  Gymnastics and rugby.
RE What does it mean to belong to a faith community?

We will be looking at the different groups/communities we belong to and how different faiths welcome babies/children into their community.  Then we will investigate why Christmas is special for Christians.


Thinking about why we celebrate Harvest and participating in a whole school celebration.



     In Music, we will investigate changes in timbre, dynamics, pitch and duration. We will listen to a range of high quality, live and recorded music. We will experiment with instrumental sounds and create our own body percussion performance.

Christmas production – from mid-November, we will start rehearsing for our Christmas production…watch this space! Thank you in advance for your support with this.

PSHCE   Citizenship and British values

Understanding our school values

Understand how group and class rules help us.

Rights and Responsibilities.

Internet Safety (linked with computing).


Curriculum info Class 2 Autumn 2019