Friday 18th October 

Class 1: Thea and Marnie
Class2: Owen and Gabriel
Class 3: Bella and Harry
Class 4: George and MAude
Class 5: Poppy and Nel

Friday 11th October:

Class 1: Eoin and James
Class 2: Barney and Sophia
Class 3: Jack and Lola
Class 4: Izzy and Daniel
Class 5: Finley and Sam

Friday 4th October:

Class 1: Tom and Rosie
Class 2: Katie and Theo
Class 3: Harry and Laila-May
Class 4: Ella and Quinn
Class 5: Imi and Flossie




Friday 27th September:

CLASS 1: Charlotte and Delilah.
CLASS 2: Sam and Sophie
CLASS 3: Sophie and Maisie
CLASS 4: Ollie and Lily
CLASS 5: Emma and Matilda