We are constantly delighted that our staff give their time to share their passions & skills through leading clubs at lunch time and after school for free. There is usually a range of sport and non-sport clubs available. In the past year clubs have included: football, street dance, tag rugby, county dancing, multi-sports, cricket, gymnastics, running, potted sports, recorders, nature, art, knitting, puzzles, board games, lego, Maths 24 and Mathletics. We are pleased that our professional sports coaches lead clubs. In addition we have staff who love music, running marathons and nature.

To join a club you just need to return the club letter issued to school with your request. When children join a club we expect them to attend every week for that term – this is to be fair to the teacher planning a progression of skill/project development and to other children who might want to join the club if there were spaces.

Occasionally a club is oversubscribed. In this situation staff will prioritise those whose forms were returned to the school first. Occasionally names will be pulled from a hat if returns were made on the same day or staff will split the children into 2 groups so everyone can get involved in the club for a shorter time. In either case you/your child will be informed.

Occasionally clubs need to be cancelled if a staff member is ill/on training . We will give you 24 hours notice of a club being cancelled or more if possible.

In the event of bad weather an alternative activity will be offered if the club cannot run as usual.

After school clubs finish at 4pm unless another time is stated on the club letter. Please pick up children at the main black, metal gate entrance unless stated on the another location is stated on the club letter.

Unfortunately we have not been able to run clubs over 2020-21 due to Covid-19 restrictions. We have returned to running clubs in Summer Term 2021 with children working in their class bubbles.


Example of club offer  week beginning 24th February 2020 and ending week beginning 30th March 2020.

  Lunch time


After School

(3.15pm- 4.00pm)

Monday Y1/2 Multisports (max 20)

– Mr. Meloscia


Y3/4 Lego club (max 12)

– Miss. Pates

Y5/Y6  Tag Rugby  (max 16)

– Mr. Meloscia


Raffles Forest Club 3.15pm – 5.00pm

(Limited spaces, first come, first served)

Please contact Emma Levan – emma@rafflesforestschool.co.uk £5.50 per session payable termly

Tuesday Y5/Y6 Maths 24 club (max 12)

(12.30 start)

– Mrs. Rome and Mrs. Lord


Y1/Y2 Street Dancing

– Miss. Mills

Y5/Y6 Puzzle club (max 15)

– Mrs. Mifflin



Y3, 4, 5 + 6   Street Dancing (max 20)

– Miss. Mills

Wednesday Y5/6 Fitness Club (Max 12)

-Mrs Rome



Y3/4 Beginners Recorder club (NB: this is a continuation for the children who started the club in September)(max 20)

– Mrs. Burns

Y3, 4, 5 + 6   Country Dancing

– Mrs. Burns

Please see and respond using the separate letter, coming home soon


Y1/Y2 Lego / board game club (max 16)

– Mrs. Parsons/Mrs Williams

Thursday Y3/4 Gymnastics club (max 16)

– Miss. Child