To commence week beginning  16th September and ending week beginning 18th November (due to dark nights and children getting home safely).

The school policy regarding any club cancellations remains the same – 24 hours written notice will be given to parents.

In the event of bad weather, an alternative activity will be offered.

  Lunch time


After School

(3.15pm- 4.00pm)

Monday Y2 Tag Rugby Skills club (max 20)

– Mr. Meloscia


Y3/4 Lego club Y3/4 (max 12)

– Miss. Pates

KS2 Tag Rugby club  (max 20)

– Mr. Meloscia


KS2 Cross-country club (max 20)

– Mrs. Childs and Mrs. Yorke (plus parent volunteer)


Raffles Forest club 3.15pm – 5.00pm


Tuesday Y1/Y2 Street Dancing club (max 20)

– Miss. Mills


Y5/Y6 Maths 24 club (max 20)

– Mrs. Rome


KS2   Street Dancing club (max 20)

– Miss. Mills


(Please note, there will be NO Street Dancing clubs  on Tuesday 5th November)


Wednesday Y3/4 Beginners Recorder club (max 20)

– Mrs. Burns

Y4/5/6 Cricket club (max 24)

– Ms. Avastu


Thursday Y1/Y2 Gymnastics club (max 20)

– Miss. Child