Teacher: Mrs Rome and Miss Pates
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Lord

 Curriculum information

Class 4 2019-20

Terms 1 & 2

The topics that we will be covering during this term of
‘Ancient Egypt 

English      Adventure Stories-linked to Ancient Egypt

Explanations -writing about the process of mummification

Recounts – Newspaper reports about the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb by Howard Carter

Imagery poems – Winter

Maths   Place value

Addition and subtraction

Multiplication and division

Measurement: length, perimeter and area

In addition, we will continue our weekly problem-solving lesson and work on our four operations through 4 in 5 sessions.

Science      Animals including humans

We will be studying our digestive system, our teeth and food chains.


Properties of materials

We will be comparing different materials, learning about dissolving and separating different materials.



     Internet Safety

Coding – using Scratch to create conversations

Lego digital designer

History      Ancient Egypt


In this topic, we will be learning all about Ancient Egypt and different aspects of daily life in order to answer the question ‘What was it like to live in ancient Egypt?’

This will include a trip to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford (details to follow)

DT / Art      Art – Egyptian drawing; Making 3D models of Canopic Jars.


DT – textiles – Christmas decorations


For both, we will research ideas, plan and design, make / create and then evaluate our work and that of others.



     Participation in the ‘Young Leaders’ programme (Y5 children).


Hockey (Y4 children)

RE      What do Christians learn from the Creation Story?

What is it like for someone to follow God?



     Perform, listen to, review and evaluate music across a range of historical periods.

Play and perform the recorder with increasing accuracy, fluency and control.

PSHCE      Keeping safe

Introducing our school values

Curriculum info Class 4 Autumn 2019